SS14 LFW…Antonio Berardi

Antonio Berardi SS14 LFW

Antonio Berardi SS14LFW

The classic feminine evening dress was reinvented with this collection. Teamed with leather jackets, slicked back hair and bold red lips it showed this woman has attitude… and lots of it. .

Berardi moved into a new direction showing more relaxed and loose fitting outfits than ever before. He played with shape, the use of oversized or boxy jackets with fitted dresses worked well, as did the fitted tops with loose pants. There were some boyish pieces which retained there elegance through the use of delicate fabrics and pale pinks, reds and creams.

Never before has elegant and casual been merged so well into one.The whole collection was beautiful, wearable and styled very well, even if was a bit too pink for my liking.

Antonio Berardi

Antonio Berardi

Antonio Berardi SS14 LFWAntonio Berardi SS14 LFWAntonio Berardi SS14 LFW


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